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                                                                                 DIAMOND<>FURR® TT-4 SYSTEM OVERVIEW


The Diamond Furr TT-4 system was developed and tested to achieve true continuous insulation when rigid 1”, 1 ½”, 2” and 3” polyiso is specified. All of the trims in this system eliminate 100% of the fastener penetrations through the final WRB around all doors, windows, and any termination point, while providing continuous 3/8” furring for the 3.4 metal lath. Production is increased by installing all of the insulation, then installing the DF-375 furring strips on top of the insulation. DF-375 furring strips cost less than our full depth Diamond Furr furring strips.

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       DIAMOND<>FURR® – Mineral Wool, CMU, Poured in Place Concrete Applications


All of the termination trims are the same as the TT-4 system. Only the Field Furring Strips are altered. The full depth furring Strips are manufactured to be 3/8” longer than the thickness of 1”, 1 ½”, 2“and 3” insulation, and shall be installed before the insulation. Using full depth Furring Strips does not result in true continuous insulation. The Diamond Furr full depth furring strips shall be installed on steel, and wood stud framed walls when mineral wool insulation is specified. When rigid or mineral wool insulation is specified on CMU or poured in place concrete the full depth furring strips shall be installed.

See our complete details in the Diamond Furr system category.

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