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The patented 2-piece Eliminator Series Trim is a revolutionary new approach to achieve beautiful architectural reveals both vertically and horizontally while eliminating the common concerns of traditional extruded aluminum channel reveals. Part A is a receiver track which is fastened directly through the bottom of the channel and Part B is a cover plate reveal that snaps securly into place.
The Eliminator system provides crisp, precision terminations, fully welded intersections and improves protection against moisture intrusion.


Product is Fastened through the Receiver Track Reduces Moisture Barrier Penetractions by 50%
No Nail Flange Eliminates Cracking at the Nail Flange
Finish Reveal Channel is Installed After Stucco Coat Eliminates the need to use Masking Tape and Labor Cost to Remove Residue
  Eliminates Staining and Scratching of the Reveal Finish
  Wet Cement & Stucco Never Comes in Contact with the Finish Reveal Trim
  Reveal Flanges are Never Carelessly Covered with Stucco which Results in Crisper, Cleaner Architectural Lines
  Improved Moisture Protection by Staggering Joints of Part A and Part B
Fully Welded Intersections Greatly Reduces Potential for Mositure Intrusion
Reuseable, Recycled Plastic Masking Inserts Practiced Sustainability 
Exclusive "Brown Ground" flange Helps reduce overall material useage by controlling the brown coat thickness
Joints and Screws can be Completely Sealed Finish Reveal Channel covers all caulking for the Cleanest Possible Finish

 3-Part CSI Spec

 Eliminator Trim Product Data Sheet

 Eliminator Trim Installation Details