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Brand X Metals, Inc. has in-house capabilities to curve interior and exterior trims for your job specifications.

Precision Arches, Reverse Arches, Inside and Outside Curves – We will give you what you need, when you need it.


The “Point of Measurement” is extremely important to ensure accurate results with radius work. When ordering please specify the point of measurement as centerline (CL) or a specific reveal edge.

Measuring Radius: If the Radius is not called out it can be calculated by taking the measurement from the center of a full circle to the edge. Remember, the point of measurement is extremely important

Measuring Radius Alternative: Another option is to measure the straight length of the arch from endpoint to endpoint then the height at the center.

Measuring Radius Alternative (Template): We can create curved trim using a template of your specifications made from building paper

Pricing: Radius work is quoted per 10′ stick of material unless otherwise stated

Yield: Each 10 ft. stick yields 9 ft. of usable curved material

Maximum Diameter: One piece rings can be made up to 34 inches. Two pieces of trim must be used for diameters greater than 34″.

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