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Continuous Furring

The Diamond-Furr ® Continuous Insulation (CI) System Trims have been created to meet the needs of projects specified with 3-coat plaster over rigid insulation in compliance with new energy code criteria.

The Diamond-Furr Plaster Stop (pt# DFS-1375) is designed to be used just like a conventional casing bead at termination points while the Weep version (pt# DFW-1375) has the same dimensions with added 5/16″ weep holes 3-1/4″ o.c. The major difference between Diamond-Furr Trims and traditional versions is our patented design which has a built-in furring strip that extends beyond the insulation by 3/8″. This furring strip offers continuous furring and has several significant benefits:

  • The strip has holes punched every 3-1/4″ which are designed for attaching metal lath by making a butterfly tie with 18 gage tie wire. This completely removes the need to secure the lath with mechanical fasteners and effectively eliminates 100% of the penetrations through the WRB.
  • No penetrations results in greatly reduced exposure to to moisture migration responsibility.
  • The elimination of fasteners and penetrations means that additional peal & stick membranes are no longer required.
  • Without the need for peel & stick barriers the full 7/8″ depth can be achieved at the critical termination points and less cracking will occur.
  • The tie wire attachment method creates a flexible connection which reduces the possibility for cracks and thermal transmission.
  • The continuous furring results in superior scratch coat embedment

For a complete system we recommend using Diamond-Furr’s CI System Termination Trims along with the 18 GA Field Furring Strips for the best possible protection against moisture intrusion, minimized thermal bridging, superior lath embedment and the greatly reduced exposure to moisture migration responsibility.

MATERIAL: 24 Gauge Galvanized Steel G90

ICC: ESR-3232

3-Pt CSI Specification 1″ CI System

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