Diamond Furr TT-4 (2″ CI SYSTEM)

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Continuous insulation (c.i.) systems finished with 3-coat stucco/plaster offer new challenges to architects and installers alike. Controlling costs while designing an effective installation method that minimizes moisture intrusion and costly RFI’s can be a daunting task. 

Our Diamond-Furr Lath Attachment products have been developed to improve building performance while providing exceptional cost, labor and time saving elements. 

Diamond-Furr lath attachment products eliminate 100% of the penetrations throught the moisture barrier at termination points and over 55% of the field penetrations. The Diamond-Furr line accomplishes four steps in one product – Trim, Flashing, Furring and Lath Attachment. 

DIAMOND-FURR Features / Benefits:

Polyiso insulation meets NFPA 285 without glass mat gypsum sheathing Eliminates need for gypsum sheathing
Polyiso insulation offers R 6.5 per inch additional insulation value
POLYISO insulation

Not hazardous fiberglass dust like glass mat sheathing

or poluting polystyrene particles

4×12 sheet of polyiso insulation weighs 88% less than 4×8 sheathing  Less worker fatigue and easier scaffold staging
4×12 sheet covers 33% more area than 4×8 sheathing Faster installation time
Polyiso insulation is easier to cut than glass mat sheathing Lowers potential for worker injury
Foil-faced polyiso insulation serves as air / moisture barrier Eliminates the need for a 2nd layer of building paper
Diamond-Furr eliminates 100% of penetrations at termination points Reduced moisture intrusion liability 
Diamond-Furr incorporates tie wire connections Reduced cracking and no caulking screw heads
No screws through water barrier at termination points  Reduced need for peel & stick barriers
Diamond-Furr provides continuous 3/8″ furring Best lath embedment possible



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