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Part Numbers Explained

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Here’s a quick reference to help you understand how to order Brand X Metals’ trim by part numbers and ensure you are getting exactly what you need.

Example: PCS 75-100

The letters reference the product name or use. In this example PCS is for Plaster Channel Screed.

The numbers used in the part # are the decimal equivalence of fractions which generally refer to the depth and width of the product’s reveal.

In the PCS 75-100 example, the first number ’75’ (3/4″) is the measurement from the top of the nailing flange to the bottom of the plaster key. (see: NOTE below) The second number ‘100’ (1″) refers to the width of the reveal.

NOTE: Although the extruded aluminum products for 3-coat stucco are called out as 75 or 3/4″ they actually measure 7/8″ from the back of the nailing flange to the top of the plaster key as the thickness of the nail flange along with the plaster key add 1/8″ to the 3/4″ I.D. See: Photo example at right.

You may be asking “Why not call it 875 for the true depth of the product?” Well, it makes sense, but it has been this way for over 50 years, so rather than create confusion we’ll continue using the industry standard numerical part numbers for extruded aluminum trims.

Here’s a few more examples of part numbers and the product they represent.

DR 625-100 = Drywall Reveal for 5/8″ drywall x 1″ reveal

FPM 75-V-75 = F Plaster Mold 3/4″ deep reveal x 3/4″ wide reveal (V=Vented)

XCM 75-75 = ‘X’ Corner Mold 3/4″ x 3/4″

PCM 75-75 = Plaster Corner Mold 3/4″ x 3/4″

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