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Part Number : DFWD-15375

Continuous Furring

The Diamond-Furr ® Continuous Insulation (CI) System Trims have been created to meet the needs of projects complying with the new energy codes when using 3-coat plaster over rigid insulation.

The Diamond-Furr Drip Edge Trim (pt# DFWD-15375) is used over windows and doors similar to a conventional drip trim with one major difference. Our patented design has a built-in furring strip that extends beyond the rigid insulation by 3/8". This furring strip has several significant benefits:

  • The furring edge has holes punched every 3-1/4" which are used to attach metal lath by making a butterfly tie with 18 gauge tie wire. This completely removes the need to secure the lath with mechanical fasteners and effectively eliminates 100% of the penetrations through the WRB. 
  • No penetrations results in greatly reduced exposure to to moisture migration responsibility.
  • The elimination of fasteners and penetrations means that additional peal & stick membranes are no longer required. 
  • Without the need for peel & stick barriers the full 7/8" depth can be achieved at the critical termination points and less cracking will occur.
  • The tie wire attachment method creates a flexible connection which reduces the possibility for cracks and thermal transmission.
  • The continuous 3/8" furring results in superior scratch coat embedment

For a complete system we recommend using Diamond-Furr's CI System - Termination Trims with the 18 GA Field Furring Strips for the best possible protection against moisture intrusion, minimized thermal bridging and the most logical solution for terminating 3-coat plaster over rigid insulation.

24 Gauge Galvanized G-60

ICC: ESR-3232

3-Pt CSI Specification 1.5" CI System

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