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Part Number : DFXS 375

Conventional 7/8" cement plaster

Diamond-Furr ® Trims have a unique patented design that offers the first real solution to the moisture intrusion problems that have plagued the plastering industry for decades.

The Diamond-Furr Expansion Joint (pt# DFXS-375) is designed to be used at floor lines just like conventional expansion joints, slip joints or a #40. The DFXS-375 incorporates the mositure management design benefits of our X-Slide expansion joint with the added benefit of having a built-in furring strip.

The strip provides continuous 3/8" furring as well as a flexible connection point for metal lath. Lath is secured to the furring strip using 18 gauge tie wire and finished with a butterfy tie. This method effectively eliminates 100% of the fastener penetrations at these critical termination points and completely eliminates the potential for accidential tears in the water barrier by overtighened screws.

Another advantage of the Diamond-Furr Expansion Joint is that there is no need for additional petroleum based peel & stick products at the termination points. This results in a full 7/8" depth at these critical points and less potential for cracking in the corners. Less cracking equates to less potential for mositure migration.

We recommend using the Diamond-Furr Termination Trims along with our ICC approved Diamond-Furr Furring Strips for a complete system and the utmost protection against mositure intrusion.

All of the Diamond-Furr products are avaialbe with longer ground lengths for use on projects complying with Title 24 and the new energy code requirements when using 3-coat plaster over rigid insulation.

MATERIAL: 26 Gauge Galvanized Steel G90

ICC: ESR-3232

3-Pt CSI Specification for conventional 7/8" cement plaster

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expansion joint for 7/8
expansion joint for 7/8
expansion joint for 7/8
expansion joint for 7/8