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Part Number : DFW-375

Conventional 7/8" cement plaster

Diamond-Furr ® Termination Trims have a unique design that offers the first real solution to the moisture intrusion problems that have plagued the plastering industry for decades.

The Diamond-Furr Weep Screed (pt# DFW-375) is designed to be used just like a standard weep screed at the base of conventional 7/8" cement plaster walls with the exception of having a built in furring strip. This strip creates a continuous 3/8" furring which means the lath never comes in contact with the moisture barrier. The lath is attached using 18 gauge tie wire which eliminates fastener penetrations and the possibility of a torn moisture barrier due to over tightened screws.

Another advantage of the Diamond-Furr Termination Trims is that there is no need for additional petroleum based peel & stick products at the termination points. This results in a full 7/8" plaster depth at these critical points and less potential for cracking.

The Diamond-Furr  Termination Trims are designed to work as a complete system with the ICC approved Furring Strips (pt# DF-375) which reduce moisture barrier penetrations by over 55% in the field. When the Diamond Furr Lath Attachment System is installed correctly your project receives the best possible protection against moisture intrusion available and reduces your expsoure to moisture migration responsibility.

Both the Furring Strips and the Termination Trims have been designed in longer furring lengths (CI System) for use on projects that comply with the new energy code requirements when specifying conventional 7/8" cement plaster over continuous rigid insulation.

MATERIAL: 26 Gauge Galvanized Steel G90

ICC: ESR-3232

3-Pt CSI Specification for conventional 7/8" plaster

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weep screed conventional 7/8DIAMOND_FURR__CO_512bea48958d7.jpg
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weep screed conventional 7/8
weep screed conventional 7/8DIAMOND_FURR__CO_512bea48958d7.jpg