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Part Number : DF field Furr

  Continuous insulation (c.i.) systems finished with 3-coat plaster offer new challenges to architects and installers alike. Controlling costs while designing an effective installation method that minimizes moisture intrusion and costly RFI's can be a daunting task. 

  Our Diamond-Furr Lath Attachment products have been developed to improve building performance while providing exceptional cost, labor and time saving elements.

  Diamond-Furr lath attachment products eliminate 100% of the penetrations throught the moisture barrier at termination points and over 55% of the field penetrations. The Diamond-Furr line accomplishes four steps in one product - Trim, Flashing, Furring and Lath Attachment. 

DIAMOND-FURR Features / Benefits:

Polyiso insulation meets NFPA 285 without glass mat gypsum sheathing Eliminates need for gypsum sheathing
Polyiso insulation offers R 6.5 per inch additional insulation value
POLYISO insulation

Not hazardous fiberglass dust like glass mat sheathing

or poluting polystyrene particles

4x12 sheet of ECOMAXci weighs 88% less than 4x8 sheathing  Less worker fatigue and easier scaffold staging
4x12 sheet covers 33% more area than 4x8 sheathing Faster installation time
Polyiso insulation is easier to cut than glass mat sheathing Lowers potential for worker injury
Foil-faced polyiso insulation serves as air / moisture barrier Eliminates the need for a 2nd layer of building paper
Diamond-Furr eliminates 100% of penetrations at termination points Reduced moisture intrusion liability 
Diamond-Furr incorporates tie wire connections Reduced cracking and no caulking screw heads
No screws through water barrier at termination points  Reduced need for peel & stick barriers
Diamond-Furr provides continuous 3/8" furring Best lath embedment possible


  The Diamond-Furr furring strip (pt# DF-x375) is designed to be installed over the continuous insulation on the stud lines and secured every 16".  Specifically designed for the thickness of foam specified, the furring strip extends just beyond the foam creating a perfect furring platform for metal lath. Once tied in place, the result is superior lath embedment as the uninterrupted 3/8" furring never allows the lath to come in contact with the moisture barrier. When installed correctly the Diamond-Furr furring strips eliminate 55% of the fastener penetrations through the weather barrier. 

We recommend using Diamond-Furr furring strips along with the full line of Diamond-Furr trims for a complete system and the best possible protection against moisture intrusion, cracking and thermal bridging.

MATERIAL: 24 Gauge Galvanized Steel G90

ICC: ESR-3232

3-PT SPECIFICATIONS are available for 1", 1.5", 2" and 3" continuous insulation systems on the OVERVIEW page.