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Part Name :Cement Panel Vertical Reveal
Part Number : CPPV

Brand X Metals' line of Cement Panel Profiles (CPP) are compatible with all major brands of 5/16" fiber cement panel siding over wood or steel stud framing.

Our trims are 6063 T5 aluminum alloy and have a nominal thickness of .050".

Brand X Metals' Vertical Reveal Trim (pt# CPPV) is specifically designed to be used between cement panels on their vertical joints. The reveal trim can be used to accentuate vertical features of a buildings' exterior. The CPPV's 1/2" wide reveal accentuates vertical features or a buildings' design while the trim's 3/8" flanges encapsulate and protect the panel edges.

Our trims are available with either a clear anodized finish or Chem Film for field paint applications. Brand X Metals can also custom finish your trims with Kynar paint to your job's specifications.

Cement Panel Reveal Dimensions
Cement Panel Reveal
Cement Panel Reveal Profile
Vertical Reveal Trim for 5/16" panels