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Part Name :Drywall F Reveal
Part Number : DRF

The Drywall 'F' Reveal with tapered nail flange is used when a reveal is needed against a sill, jamb, ceiling or other finish material.

It can be installed both vertically and horizontally to create a dramatic look on interior walls. The tapered nailing flanges allow for applying tape and joint compound to create a clean finished edge.

Brand X Metals' drywall trims have a Design Advantage with our exclusive Breakaway Flanges. Designed to allow installers to quickly (10 seconds) remove a nailing flanged to create a smooth transition intersection using standard hand tools.

Comparable to: DRMF, SWR-U, DWRF

PRODUCT SUBMITTAL SHEET: (Click on the PDF logo above)

MATERIAL: Aluminum Alloy 6063 T5 ASTM: B221

THICKNESS: Nominal .050

LENGTH: Standard 10 ft.

Dim. A Dim. B PART #
1/2" 1/4" DRF 50-25
1/2" 1/2" DRF 50-50
1/2" 3/4" DRF 50-75
1/2" 2" DRF 50-200
5/8" 1/4" DRF 625-25
5/8" 3/8" DRF 625-375
5/8" 1/2 DRF 625-50
5/8" 3/4" DRF 625-75
5/8" 1" DRF 625-100
5/8" 1-1/2" DRF 625-150
5/8" 2" DRF 625-200
5/8" 3" DRF 625-300

FINISH: Standard-Clear anodized

Architectural 200R1 Medium Etch AAM32C10A21

Also available: 'Mill Finish' for field painting and custom anodized colors.


Venting - All channel reveals from 1/2" to 4" can be vented if requested

Radius - Drywall reveals can be curved to meet your project's specifications (Radius Order Form)

drywall F reveal mold.jpgDrywall_F_Reveal_4b27edddf0e48.jpg
drywall Freveal mold.jpgDrywall_F_Reveal_4b27edddf0e48.jpg
drywall F reveal mold.jpgDrywall_F_Reveal_4b27edddf0e48.jpg
Drywall F-Reveal