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Part Name :Drywall O/S Corner Reveal
Part Number : DOSC

The Brand X  Metals Outside Corner reveal for drywall is formed on our state-of-the-art brake press using .040" aluminum, 26 ga galvanized steel or 26 ga stainless steel. The DOSC creates a reveal on any 90 degree outside corner and is available in standard 1/2" and 5/8" depths as well as custom sizes such 1-1/2".The trim nail flanges are 7/8" with formed taping beads on both sides to allow for a smooth mud finish.

The trim is available in clear anodized aluminum, paint-grade aluminum, galvanized steel and stainless steel for a variety of finish styles.

Comparable to: DRMW

PRODUCT SUBMITTAL SHEET: (Click on the PDF logo above)

MATERIAL/THICKNESS: .040" Aluminum Alloy, 26 ga Galvanized Steel and 26 ga Stainless Steel.

LENGTH: Standard 10 foot

Drywall_Outside_Corner_Reveal trim.jpgDRYWALL_O_S_CORN_4f6399929a055.jpg
Drywall_Outside_Corner_trim.jpgDRYWALL_OS CORNER.jpg
Drywall_Outside_Corner_trim.jpgDRYWALL_OS CORNER2.jpg
Drywall_Outside_Corner_Reveal trim.jpgDRYWALL_O_S_CORN_4f6399929a055.jpg
Drywall Outside Corner Reveal Trim