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Part Name :Jamb / Sill Window Surround
Part Number : WS-400

Brand X Metals, Inc. offers several plaster termination treatments for window openings. Our Window Jamb and Sill (pt # WS-400) is part of our Window Surround System and provides several benefits to the customary method of running 3-coat plaster in the return for recessed windows.


Our WS Series allows flexible positioning of the window frame which eliminates additional lath and plaster materials as well as labor costs for the recessed return and creates a smooth metal to metal caulk joint which results in the best possible condition for preventing leaks.


Comparable to: FRWM


PRODUCT SUBMITTAL SHEET: (Click on the PDF logo above)


MATERIAL: Aluminum Alloy 6063 T5 ASTM: B221


THICKNESS: Nominal .050 LENGTH: Standard 10 ft.


FINISH: Standard - Clear anodized; Architectural 200R1 Medium Etch AAM32C10A21


Also available: Alodine┬« Paint Grade finish - also known as 'chemical conversion', custom anodized finishes & Kynar┬« brand paint.


Window Surround Jamb Sill.jpgJamb___Sill_Wind_50ec983d5aeab.jpg
Window Surround Jamb Sill.jpgJamb___Sill_Wind_50ec983d5aeab.jpg
Jamb / Sill Window Surround