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The Diamond<>Furr ® Continuous Insulation (CI) System Trims have been created to meet the needs of projects, specified with 3-coat stucco/plaster over rigid insulation to be in compliance with the requirements of energy codes such as Title 24. The CI System Residential Window Stop (part# DFS/W/STEP-1375) is designed to be installed around windows manufactured with nail fins in the window design. Our patented design provides pre-tensioned metal flashing over the nailing flange of the window, and has a built-in furring strip which has several significant benefits.

The furring strip has holes punched every 3-1/4”, which are designed for attaching metal lath with 18 gauge tie wire. This completely removes the need to secure the lath with mechanical fasteners and effectively eliminates 100% of the penetrations through the WRB while maintaining continuous 3/8” furring. No penetrations results in greatly reduced exposure to moisture migration responsibility. The elimination of fasteners and penetrations means that additional self-adhered membranes are no longer required. The reduced buildup from these membranes results in a full 7/8” stucco/plaster depth at the critical termination points, and less cracking will occur.

The tie wire attachment method creates a flexible connection which reduces the possibility for cracks and thermal transmission. The continuous 3/8” furring results in superior scratch coat embedment. Our DFS/W/STEP-1375 plaster stop allows for a 1/4″ sealant joint around the window as required by some manufacturers. We recommend installing the complete Diamond Furr C.I System for the best possible protection against moisture intrusion, minimized thermal bridging, superior lath embedment and significantly reduced exposure to moisture migration responsibility.

MATERIAL: 22 Gauge Galvanized Steel G90

 Continuous insulation (C.I) systems finished with 3-coat plaster offers new challenges to architects and installers alike. Controlling costs while designing an effective installation method that minimizes moisture intrusion and costly RFI’s can be a daunting task. Our Diamond-Furr Lath Attachment products have been developed to improve building performance, while providing exceptional cost, labor and time saving elements. Diamond-Furr lath attachment products eliminate 100% of the penetrations throughout the moisture barrier at termination points and over 55% of the field penetrations. All of the Diamond Furr trims accomplish four steps in one product – Trim, Flashing, Furring and Lath Attachment Point.

 DIAMOND-FURR Features / Benefits:

 Polyiso insulation meets NFPA 285 without the use of glass mat gypsum sheathing and may eliminate the need for gypsum sheathing. Polyiso insulation offers R 6.5 per inch insulation value, POLYISO insulation is not hazardous fiberglass dust like glass mat sheathing or polluting polystyrene particles. A 4×12 sheet of polyiso insulation weighs 88% less than 4×8 sheathing resulting in Less worker fatigue and easier scaffold staging, 4×12 sheet covers 33% more area than 4×8 sheathing, which generates Faster installation time. Polyiso insulation is easier to cut than glass mat sheathing which Lowers potential for worker injury. Foil faced polyiso insulation serves as air / moisture barrier when the joints are taped with foil tape, and eliminates the need for a 2nd layer of building paper.

 Diamond-Furr eliminates 100% of penetrations at termination points, reduced moisture intrusion and liability. Diamond-Furr incorporates tie wire connections reduced cracking, no caulking of screw heads, no screws through the water barrier at termination points, and reduced need for self-adhered membranes. Diamond-Furr provides continuous 3/8” furring Best lath embedment possible.

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