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For decades the plaster industry has been plagued with moisture intrusion problems and the
associated liability resulting from the damage. While building paper has been relied upon in an effort to
eliminate failures in the building envelope, current building codes require that metal lath is to be
attached every 6” inches. This equates to 21 screw holes or 42 staple penetrations in every 10 ft stud
length of the WRB.


The patented Diamond-Furr Lath Attachment System offers the first real solution to these moisture
intrusion problems by completely eliminating the penetrations at the termination points and reducing
field penetrations by 55%!


The Diamond-Furr C.I. System is the ONLY complete lathing system with specific trims designed for
every common condition: Field Furring, Plaster Stops, Base of Wall Weep, Expansion Joints, Drip
Edges, Inside and Outside Corners, Window Surrounds, Recessed Windows, horizontal and vertical
backing for architectural trims, Residential Window Furring/Flashing and more.
• Complete System: D-F is the only complete trim system designed for the energy codes
requiring continuous rigid insulation when 7/8” cement plaster is applied.
• Zero Penetrations: D-F eliminates 100% of the fastener penetrations through the final WRB
around windows, doors and all other termination points. Fastener penetrations in the field
are reduced by over 55% and every fastener is self-sealed.
• Superior Lath Embedment: D-F provides the only uninterrupted 3/8” furring. The lath never
comes in contact with the WRB and removes the potential for tears.
• Eliminates Scratch Coat: D-F’s optimal furring allows the option to eliminate the cost
associated with applying a scratch coat as 3/4” of cement can be safely applied in one pass!
• Flexible Lath Attachment: D-F’s system incorporates tying on lath, which results in a more
flexible connection and less potential for cracking.
• One Step Install: D-F trims incorporate Flashing, Trim, Furring and Lath attachment in one step.
• Reduce Termination Point Build-up: SAF petroleum products are no longer required at every
termination point allowing a true 7/8” plaster depth and reduces potential for cracking.
• Minimizes Risk: When Diamond-Furr products are installed the risk of moisture intrusion is
minimized for all parties.

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